Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hi... my names gigz... i like dj shadow and cut chemist

Its fair to say most of you should know who these two genuises of the 45' are! They are playing in sydney, with dexter and danielsan @ Luna park on the 19th of april.

It is clearly going to be an awesome night.... the idea of 8 turntables and only 45's is insane.. i feel a little funny in the pants region.

Heres Shadow and Chemist doing some shit from Product Placement LIVE

Part 1 Live - Dj Shadow + Cut Chemist

Buy Product placement at

In other news i got home today... so beers need to be drunken soon... Garden Party @ UniBar seems like a fitting event with the locally rooted Grafton Primary doing their thinggggg. Its also bodies birthday.

G for tickets for Shadow and the good chemist. for tickets to garden party.

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