Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mercy Arms Tragically Break Up and Mars Volta 5th album due date released

After only a few short years (3 pretty much), Australia's Mercy Arms have broken up due to artistic differences or some shit. i guess they just didn't 'get' each other. 

They played in the Gong last year at the oxford but i didn't go...

So lets look back fondly on what was a stellar career

kept low (cut copy remix) - Mercy Arms 
tradehooks: selecta, did you leave out anything?
selecta: no im pretty sure that's it, oh maybe that no actually, that was it
tradehooks: oh really, so why blog about them then?
selecta: actually i dunno, well they supported the strokes on their tour in 2006, cut copy in 2007, and the pixies at their 2007 sydney show.
tradehooks: so they were a support band, like that band called 'special guests', who never headlined a show, but were always supporting?
selecta: yeh thats right
tradehooks: when is the new mars volta album coming out?
selecta: vijay just said the Mars volta new album comes out 19th June in Australia, ealier on bitorrent. i fuckin hate mars volta

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