Sunday, February 8, 2009

Songs I discover when i put my itouch on random when i clean the brewery -Playgroup - Make it Happen (Ewan Pearson Remix)

©2007-2009 ~yustine
Most sunday mornings i head down the brewery at about 7am and clean up the mess i or g-skillz made on the wheels of steel the night before. It sucks, except for the fact that i can pump the in-house and listen to whatever i feel like.

this morning i turned on the itouch 'new shit' playlist and heard an absolute cracker. It just made me wanna dance with the rain dance lady out the front.

I have no idea where/when i got it, but it must have been recent, and i cant be fucked right now looking it up.


Playgroup - Make it Happen (Ewan Pearson Remix)

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