Monday, January 5, 2009

Blowin' the Cobwebs Off Tradehooks

Shit last post was on the 17th, wtf guys. I guess we have just been too busy doing other shit.
Selecta is in India still looking for a record shop.
Skillz is living with peoples gff's.
And i have been pretending to have a social life.

The blogs have been putting out some solid tracks lately, so im not going to repost anything you can find somewhere else. I thought i would remind our viewers about our mixtapes and that they are all still available for download.

Tradehooks Djs Heath Ledger - Nvr Frgt ya'll Mixtape

Skillz August Tradehooks Mix (Keeping it Gfresh) (Broken link)

Tradehooks Selecta Vol 1

Bangers and Mash Tradehooks Mixtape No. 1 (Broken link...for now)


  1. nice use of lolcat pic

  2. your wasting my life tell me how you haven't had time to post anything.
    oh yeah, thanks for reminding for download the old mixtapes.
    i'll be sure the redownload them and act like i've never heard them.

    p.s. love the site guys, keep it up.

  3. When will tradehooks post again?
    Will tradehooks ever post again?
    Has posting on blggs become to mnstrm for tradehooks?