Thursday, December 11, 2008

Access Mixture - Some Local Talent

Here is a mix created by a local hero, Access. His words:
"Its only a quick 30min mix, feel an hour is too long in this day and age, this blogging world, this financial crisis."
Always thinking about the people, that's what we like.

1. A Fifth of Beethoven (Soulwax Remix) - Walter Murphy & The Big Apple Band
2. Flex Like Johannsen (Access Mash) - Dizzee vs. The Teenagers
3. Ghosts (Toxic Avenger Remix) - Ladytron
4. Bulbs Burn Out - Boy 8-Bit
5. Beaver Blink (Zodiac Cartel Mix) - Fine Cut Bodies
6. Ghosts N Stuff - Deadmau5
7. The Worm - ZZT
8. Blood Splashing - Fake Blood
9. Blackout (Sinichi Osawa Remix) - The Whip
10. You Dont Even Know Me (GRUM Remix) - Armand Van Helden
11. Rio (Etienne De Crecy Dub) - Bumblebeez

You can sometimes see him pretending to fit in at the Brew.

zshare: Access Mixture


  1. is that the actual soulwax remix of beethoven or the edit of the soulwax remix that was floating around? havent had a chance to listen to the mix yet but would love to hear the soulwax remix to see if it differs to the edit.

  2. pretty sure is was the remix, i got something on my computer called beethoven remix, and it sounds the same. but who knows, people mess with the tags all the time.